Workshop suggestions?

My husband and I are hoping to take a week’s vacation in November
somewhere warm (California, Arizona, Texas etc.) and I was hoping to
combine the trip with a one or two day workshop. However, I have not
had much luck doing web searches; a lot of places don’t seem to have
their November schedule decided yet, but as we will be flying to our
destination we need to book something soon. We plan on spending the
rest of the time hiking or kayaking so we would like to be near a
state or National Park or Recreation Area. For a workshop I would
like to find something a little more out of the ordinary than
soldering or casting, for example: reticulation, granulation, stone
setting (bead, prong or channel), Keum Bo, anticlastic and
synclastic raising etc.

Any ideas?

Angela Conty of will be conducting one of her
well attended and appreciated workshops in Sacramento on November 3 -
6, 4 days, please check it out at

Angela is a Spectrum Award winner along with many other kudos and
she is a great teacher.

Best regards, Dee

Julia - have you considered chasing and repousse in San Francisco?
Check with Davide Bigazzi, or a class at Revere Studio in SF?. There
is see kayaking, hiking nearby and a great city to visit.

Sheridan Reed