[Workshop] Stuller Fall Workshop

Stuller will host its Fall Jewelers Workshop on October 6, 7, and 8
at our global headquarters in Lafayette, Louisiana. You can learn
about the latest techniques, tools, programs, and products just in
time for the Holiday season!

Industry experts and members of our renowned manufacturing staff
will be hosting bench demonstrations and classroom sessions. You can
gain the most current about the most recent techniques
with the best tools, while you watch them being used.

A full day of educational seminars will also be available for store
owners, managers, and associates. Other industry and Stuller
presenters will cover a variety of topics to help your store run
smoother and more profitably!

Registration is $130 for the first person from your business, half
price for additional staff. Space is limited, so dial 800-877-7777
ext 274 or go to our web site today to register.

Steven D. MacDiarmid
Director of Public Relations and Trade Shows
Stuller, Inc.