[Workshop] Studio Essentials

Michael David Sturlin will present “Studio Essentials” a 2 day
workshop on these specific skills October 28/29 at Metalwerx in
Boston. The focus of this workshop is on alloying, amalgamating, and
forming mill products from scratch in house. We will learn how to
calculate materials, how to pour ingots, and to anneal and form
precious metal stock in the desired size and shape efficiently and
with confidence.

We will be producing many varieties of sheet, wire, and tubing and
will work with the torch, ingot molds, rolling mill, drawplates, and
draw bench. Students are encouraged to bring their own precious
metal to work with; during the workshop each participant can make
whatever forms of metal will be appropriate for use on their own
studio projects after the class.

For those students not yet ready to invest in gold, precious metal
will be provided to learn with during the class.


Michael David Sturlin