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[Workshop] Stone setting

Dear all

It’s now only less than 4 weeks till my first setting class is to
start. I will be in Ventura and San Diego, California teaching in
three setting classes…there is still room available…One more
is still available in Ventura and you can call direct to
Jennifer Friedman* I will be with Jennifer also
on July 13-14 -15th as the first class is now full. I will be in
Jay Whaley Studio for July 18-19-20th at. Contact

These three classes will cover extensively Princess settings,
Channel setting, and many designs of basic Claw/Prong settings. At
the completion of each class, I will advise all students on which
setting tools are necessary.

My purpose is not to let anyone walk away without any questions
unanswered. All teaching techniques that I have been using in the
past years is to speak at their own level of training and no one is
to be intimidated by any new setting technique.

These setting classes are meant for all workshop, hobbyist or active
students in other “arts programs”. This is a great opportunity for
all to learn the basics and improve and on their previous setting

A week before I leave to the California teaching classes I will do
the following, at my expense. Send all of my tools and silver rings
via UPS ground courier. I don’t want to be searched and interrogated
for my reasons to go into the States, I had this once and vowed never
to go through this rigorous ordeal again.

It’s not the expense, its the freedom of not worrying if my bags
will be opened and torn apart in my absence. I flew home from one of
my trips and had my “micro-motor” actually ripped open and the
remains were thrown back into my suitcase. To this day, I still have
duct-tape to hold it together.

Some years ago, I crossed the border into USA and the
border-kommandant asked me why am I going to the USA, well my answer
then was I am to be a seminar speaker…“Why are you so important, why
should I let you in? give me some reasons!”

Well, luckily I had a notice of my reason to speak, and the topics
of my talk in the front seat of the car. He then looked into the
trunk of my car and after 5 l-o-n-g minutes and cars lined up behind
me, he let me through. He still didn’t believe me.

Now all I say is that I am to meet some friends in “…city”. Then
tell them I am vacation and give them my friends address or hotel
where I am staying, nuttin else!!..:(…

Gerry Lewy!

Gerry is absolutely correct in just saying that he is visiting
friends when he comes to the States to teach his classes. Several
years ago I attended a jewelry workshop in Canada, and had been
warned not to mention the word jewelry." Wisely, I did not use that
word. I merely said I was visiting friends. Another person who had
been at the jewelry workshop, was not so cautious, and reported that
he had been at a “jewelry workshop.” He and his car were pulled out
of line, and every inch of it was search–just in case he was
smuggling precious gems across the border. Quite an ordeal for him.


Hi All

Well a few minutes ago I sent off my tools to Ventura, CA. My Fed-Ex
shipper said that the “customs at the border” will send items
through FASTER if the declared value IS UNDER $100.00. He also said
to me…on the waybill * nothing* is to be marked “Personal” and the

This is a “quiet practice” as many of the customs have their eyes
open to these names and other shipping details. If you folks are
planning to use ANY bonded courier, please make a mental note of
these things for later. My waybill notes that the contents are
"wood-working tools, and have no commercial value and not for
resale". Plain and simple, direct. I’ll be seeing many of you folks
in a week or so…


Having a great time teaching those who were, and are in my 4 classes
while on the West Coast…So many thanks to Orchid and Hanuman for
the great opportunity in meeting so many of you all…Still got two
more classes to teach and giving my gravers and Setting notes…No one
has gone away without reams of hand written notes… They now have
literally a new opening on the setting aspect of this trade… They
learned about Prong/Claw setting…Gypsy/Flush mountings…Princess
settings and many more techniques not advertised here…on how reduce
the size of a synthetic stone…fitting a cup burr while trimming a
prong claw after setting…graver modification…the list goes
on…another private class ends today and one more at Jennifer
Friedman’s shop and then down to San Diego for another 3 day venue.
This is a real non-stop solid 2.5 weeks of meeting and teaching.

C U all

Today was the first day of a Three Day Stone Setting Workshop, given
by Gerry Lewy, at Whaley Studios San Diego.

The first lesson was on Flush Setting, on a scale of 1-10, Gerry
Lewy, rates this as perhaps a 6.5 to 7 in difficulty. The
on technique was very well delivered and extensive. A lot
of ground was covered before the first attempt by a student to Flush
Set happened. Before this class ended, each one of us managed to
Flush Set a Stone, YES!!!

The format, was very conducive to learning. Gerry is a very patient
teacher, and handled every question with grace. Whether Gerry was
demonstrating, or one of the students trying, every step was
explained, and passed among students to Loupe and Look. This was
reinforced learning to the nth degree.

We each enjoyed one on one instruction, and every one of us
benefitted from round table critiquing. This was non threatening,
totally supportive, and made for an excellent method of reinforced

Gerry went deep into Graver use, angles, sharpening. He shared with
us, the result of his ever so many years of setting experience,
insofar as making positive suggestions of what would benefit us, and
what was not really necessary. We got strong education on Burs,
Files, and a variety of Sand Papers. An excellent overview of what
to avoid in setting faceted stones.

There was a very high student satisfaction level, and every one of
us look forward to the next two days. I already knew from a friend
who had taken Gerry’s Workshop in Ventura County at Jennifer
Friedman’s, that the value was there and the quality high.

It was a pleasure to meet Gerry Lewy, after the many years of online
friendship we shared. I am very happy to be in his class, and know
the benefits are there for sure.

Keep tuned for Days 2 & 3.

Day Two, Stone Setting Workshop

Gerry Lewy came through again. Today we learned Bezel Setting, and
all came away with a ring within which they set the stone. Gerry’s
very fair materials fee includes Sterling Silver rings, and CZ’s for
each specific setting method he will teach us. That is a very
efficient way of teaching. Little time is wasted, therefore more
time is there for actual instructions, and then, once again, each of
us had one on one instruction.

While each of us worked our settings, each step progress was passed
around among the other students, and it was up to us to see what was
right, and what was not. That is a very effective way of learning,
and it is working for each of us.

For those of you that set your own stones, you are aware of all the
steps to be learned and hopefully mastered. Along the way, we are
also learning Graver use, and sharpening. Proper file selection, and
oh so very much about Burs. Having all these in hand, and a Master
Setter guiding hand placement, hammering techniques, Bright Cutting.
Well you can tell I am stoked, as are my fellow classmates.

This is an interesting time to be in the area around Jay Whaley’s
Studio. Today was the Gay Pride Parade, and it was Colorful,
Festive, and Fun. The Parade was a block away, and the returning
Floats passed right in front of the Studio. Told Gerry the parade was
in his honor, NOT.

Sorry to think tomorrow is the last day of instruction, and we will
be working on Prong Settings, long a mystery to me. I have been
collecting Faceted Stones for a very long time, now finally, I will
be able to incorporate them into my fabrication.

My thanks to Gerry Lewy for the class, and to Jay Whaley for making
it happen.


Stone Setting Day Three, Last Until The Next Time

Yes, there will be a next time. All of Gerry’s students at the
Whaley Studio Workshop have encouraged Gerry Lewy to make another
Toronto to Southern California trip. The instructions were THAT good.
Can we all go out and set a stone alone tomorrow, maybe, will it look
great, maybe, will we be apprehensive to try, NO.

Yesterday was easy setting day, Prong, or as Gerry calls it Claw
setting. He told us it would be the easiest of the three, was it,
well general consensus was no. Did everyone get it done, yes, except
for me. I opted to work on some things I had brought with me, and
Gerry was more than willing to do that, to my benefit. Actually to
all out benefit. Gerry, Jay, and I talked about how to best meet the
setting needs of those of us who fabricate. That will be part of
Gerry’s next instructional trip, and we look forward to that.

To Gerry Lewy, thank you for being willing to bring your intrinsic
ability this great distance, and for your friendly, helpful, and at
times joking prodding. It was very well received.

To Jay Whaley, oh so many thanks for bringing the San Diego area a
wonderful venue for Workshops, a long overdue happening. The Studio
is beautiful, light and airy, and appreciated by all. Thanks,


After a 19 day trip to the most beautiful area of America, I returned
from meeting some of the nicest Orchid folks. I was totally
overwhelmed with their sincere hospitality…from the two classes
with Jennifer Freidman in Ventura, and one class with the “J.
Whaley Studios
” in San Diego…I am more grateful for this
experience. After meeting for the first time Teresa Masters, we found
that we have lots in common…These folks turned out to be more than
just students of all ages and backgrounds, but have made 15 new
friends…correseponding via emails is one thing, but to meet them
all “face-to-face” is more than half the trip. If I missed to mention
a few “CA - Orchidians”, please excuse me for this. I want to
personally thank “Jennifer and Jay” for their time in putting these
3 classes together. It was a most difficult and daunting task. I want
to openly want to thank them both for their outstanding
…Hopefully we will do this again, in either January or
March/09…thank you again…

Gerry Lewy!

Dear all

I returned from my 3 city tour of California 2 days ago and want to
relate this NICE note. As I was sending my suitcases through the
’notso’ busy Burbank Airport and thought of my setting tools. Well,
I took the initiative and told the inspectors that if they see some
strange looking items, they are only “wood-working tools”…He then
smiled, and said “no problem”…My feeling is that if they see the
owner and explain what these things are, all the better for
everyone. But if I said that these are jewellery tools, well the
"…will hit the fan" and a closer examination will start…so do we
all need these problems?..need not!!!..