[Workshop] Stone Setting

Hi all on Orchid!


I’m going to be in Anderson, South Carolina and Birkley, Michigan in
the month of May. So far the actual dates have not been totally
finalized. As these are of a week long training sessions with my
clients, I am prepared to also give an extra instructional class and
demonstrate the many aspects of Diamond Setting to our own Orchid

This workshop will envolve Graver Shaping and its subsequent Graver
Polishing, plus many other finer detailed setting projects. I will
supply ALL the sterling silver rings and their own CZ’s for
practicing, on your own time! Not too mention my 45 pages of setting
notes will be given out again, for free to all who are attending. I
really need about 6 (minimum to a maximum) or 10 students to make
this a viable concern. Please send me your email address and I will
fill in the details with the training fee…I know from past
experience from last year, the Summer time is very awkward for many
here. So I am trying to get all of you before that ‘vacation time’
gets close…“Vacation” whats that?..:>)

As for the end of Summer, I will be in Seattle, Washington not too
mention being in St. Petersburg & Miami, Florida in early August and
maybe we can approach these same additional 3 venues also with the
same class idea. I am open to all, and any suggestions!

If you wish a brief, but very ‘intensive training and demonstration
session’ lasting only 3 days, or maybe a 4-5 day venture. I’d like to
know ahead of time, so I can co-ordinate my plans also!..So please
let me know of your ideas and city preference, as soon as possible.
When we get this class rolling, I will make a decent donation to
Orchid on our behalf…Gerry Lewy!

www.gemzdiamondsetting.com 1-877-850-0003 toll free E.S.T.

Dear all on Orchid!

I will be in Anderson, South Carolina in late Spring, and I will like
to put on a setting class for all who have shown interest in the
past. If anyone or many, want to make this happen, lets do it! I am
even offering to make a decent donation to Orchid if this works! I
will make every effort to make this class adventure a real “fun
time”. I will be showing and demo’ing Graver-Shaping w/Polishing to
all, plus a full seminar class in Gem-stone and Diamond Setting. I
am prepared to make this a 3-4 day venue. I do need your input to
make this a most worthwhile learning exercise. I will supply many
setting projects to practice on afterwards, not too mention all of my
FREE 45 pages of setting notes to all who attend.

Please write back to me via my email or phone me toll free at
1-877-850-0003 @Gerald

for further details…I do need to have a minimum of 6 students…

Gerry Lewy!