[Workshop] Stone setting in Tucson AZ

Dear all.

I just received a desperate email from a lady who is in dire
straits. She needs some basic setting assistance and ‘our’ help. Are
there any folks in the Tucson, AZ immediate area who would like to
have a 3-4+ day setting workshop?

This travellling setter/instructor would like to have this great
lady “stop breaking stones and bending claws”…as she put it.:>) Lets
all get together and have a 4-5 person setting workshop…I bring in
all the necessary mountings and CZ’s to demonstrate on.

She needs ‘us’, and this is just what Orchid is all about…“helping
anyone, and everyone, anytime”… !!!

Send me the interested replies to @Gerald…Gerry Lewy!

Gerry, I would be happy to demo setting but a work shop is more time
than I could donate. Principles of setting and a demo would be fun.
I would check to see if Parks and Rec. has anything going on and if
not, call me.

Sam Patania, Tucson


Hi Gerry,

I’m not in Tucson, but southern CA north of LA and would love a 3- 4
day workshop with you.