[Workshop] Soldering Basics and Flexshaft Techniques

Hi All,

I will be teaching at Revere Academy on Soldering Basics and
Flexshaft Techniques on August 12 & 13. I believe that there is still
room, but you will need to check with Revere.

I will also be at Kraftwerks too. Hope to see some of you on the
West Coast!

Flex-Shaft August 12

Learn all about your flexible-shaft and discover the “magic” it can
perform. Watch demos and try out a vast range of burs, bits, buffs,
brushes, burnishers, mandrels, discs, cutters, wheels, polishers, and
ceramic points, that fit into a flex-shaft and how to maintain it for
optimum efficiency. Learn which model, which hand piece and which
foot pedal are best for the work you do. We will use the flex-shaft
to drill beach glass, score and bend metal, and polish. 8 hours


Soldering August 13

Understanding how various metals respond to heat, how to make
accurate joints, how to apply flux and solder, and how to apply the
heat are the real secrets of successful soldering. Instruction covers
basic theory and application of “T” joints, butt joints, lap joints
and curved joints as well as connections and cleanup. Learn about
sweat soldering, pick soldering, snippet and wire soldering
techniques as well as complex-fitting and how to solder small jump
rings to large cast pieces. Learn studio setup and on
different types of gasses. Prerequisite: Fabrication 1 or basic
soldering experience. 8 hours


September 30 and August 1

Flexshaft Techniques at Kraftwerks!


Karen Christians
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Waltham, MA 02451
Ph. 781/891-3854 Fax 3857
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