[Workshop] [SoCal] Bead Making Workshop

Hello Orchid Friends, If you are in the Southern California area you
might be interested in this workshop:

Enamel Guild: West is pleased to announce an upcoming workshop with
Pauline Warg, author of Making Metal Beads.

August 20 - 22, 2010, 8:30 AM to 4:00 PM, Palomar College Room C- 15
San Marcos, CA. Fee is $150.00 plus Materials Kit $65.00.

This workshop will focus on innovative design ideas and inventive
techniques that will expand your jewelry making skills. Pre-formed
beads will be manipulated into unique configurations. Next, students
will learn how to make double dome beads and their variations then
move on to fused, square plus many more designs and techniques. The
beads can stand alone or Pauline, an enamelist herself, will show
how to adapt designs for successful enameling. She will also share
many ways to texture metals for more interesting backgrounds for
transparent enamels. A variety of helpful hints and related
technical processes from soldering to finishing, related to metal
bead making, metalsmithing in general, and enameling will be shared.
Samples and handouts will be provided.

Please contact me off line for additional information
Orchid Rules…Karla from Sunny So Cal.