[Workshop][SF] Enameling: Ancient Technique

Hi All,

my wife Dee and I are in San Francisco in early April for a week at
Revere’s. Dee’s class still has some spots open in it, if anyone is
interested in enameling. She has developed some pretty cool (fast)
grissaille methods and ways of firing bezels into enamel and then
setting them (look no solder) among other things,


Enameling: Ancient Technique;
Modern Journey with Dee Fontans
April 4-8

Dating back 3500 years, enameling combines the artistry of painting
with the technical expertise of jewelry work. This workshop presents
the basics of classical cloisonn=C8 and champleve enameling. Learn
the steps in this complex art form, while creating a variety of
samples and projects to take home. Learn to prepare, shape and apply
intricate flat wire to create cells or =ECcloisons=EE to hold the
color. Learn to fire and refine the work in repeated firings, and
then polish the enamel gem in preparation for setting into jewelry.
Learn to use foil, granulation and bezel setting with enamel along
with innovative tricks and techniques for enamel. Prerequisite: basic
jewelry skills.

Dee Fontans is a jeweler, performance artist and instructor from
Calgary, Canada. Her work has been exhibited and published
internationally. Her recent enameling work focuses on representing
the figure and is featured in The Art of Gold, a traveling
exhibition sponsored by SNAG. Visit www.deefontans.com. Info at:

Registration info at: Revere Academy of Jewelry Arts
phone: (415) 391-4179 fax: (415) 391-7570
e-mail: christine@revereacademy.com

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I would love to learn more about the grissaille methods and ways to
fire bezels into enamel without the use of solder since I am no where
near San Francisco. Any chance your wife could post some information
or references to it here??

Elizabeth (in NC)