[Workshop] [San Diego] Weave and Roll

Jay Whaley and I will be teaching a workshop this Sat, Nov. 12th at
Whaley Studios in the Hillcrest area of San Diego from 10-4. The
workshop is called Weave and Roll and essentially teaches a new
hybrid technique that Jay and I discovered several years ago. I
teach how to quickly weave long strands of woven wire in various
metals and we then roll them through the rolling mill to create a
rather amazing type of “rigid chain” that can be cut and even used
for stock for all manner of jewelry. These pieces will then be
electroplated. Also, ink dyes on aluminum and other methods of metal
coloration. We’ve just had a couple of spots open up for anyone
interested: 619-299-9619, thanks

You can see a few of the Weave and Roll jewelry pieces at:

Lisa Van Herik