Workshop Rules

We have recently renovated our Club workshop and would like to
establish a set of rules for use of the shop. Does anyone have any
suggestions or a set of rules that they use and we may be able to
adapt or change.


A couple of suggestions I would make, which were used at the San
Francisco Gem and Mineral Society:

  1. All members wilshing to use the workshop will take a beginning
    lapidary class which will cover the use of the equipment as well as
    some beginners projects.

  2. All sawing except the trim saw will be done by the instructor in
    charge of the workshop at the time.

Rose Alene

This is my set of Work Shop Rules -

If you make a mess - Clean it
If you take something - Put it Back
If you borrow something - Give it Back
If you use it - Look after it
If you promise something - Do it
If you open something - Close it
If you break something - Fix it
If you can’t - Ask for help
If you switch it on - Switch it off again
If it belongs to someone - Leave it alone
If it’s not your business - Don’t interfere

If you don’t have something good to say about someone - Don’t say

None of the above apply to the BOSS

Adapt as you will

I have a very private studio. Few get in but if they do evervthing
has to be the same when they enter as when they leave. Could be a
1.00$ burr or a 5000$ machine, same rules. As I said, not many
visitors and only trusted ones.

Demand Designs
Analog/Digital Modelling & Goldsmithing

The shop rules at Walker Metalsmiths are:

  1. No dogs in the buffing room.

  2. Don’t use the polished silversmithing hammers for chasing tools,
    punches, nails, etc.

  3. No smoking around Mrs. Walker when she is pregnant.

Stephen Walker