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[Workshop] Rolling mill to make lighter, stronger stock

One solution to the rising price of gold and silver may be to design
methods to make precious metals go farther with less. We here at
Whaley Studios have been experimenting with strengthening precious
metals by rolling and patterning on the rolling mill. In one
experiment, we rolled a ribbed pattern onto thin silver sheet, and
then formed it into a band. The ribbing, as well as a pressed-in
curve, helped strengthen the thin gauge of the band, so we were able
to make a fabricated band with surprisingly little metal. Being able
to “stretch” precious metals as well as creating patterns which help
strengthen thin gauges of sheet can help make more with less.

Jay Whaley will be offering a 2 day rolling mill workshop in San
Diego, Oct. 2 and 3, in which we will explore custom metal alloying,
ingot making, roller printing for surface embellishment and strength,
upsetting, and taper forging with the use of rolling mill and

Go to for on this upcoming workshop.