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[Workshop] Resin Inlay Workshop

Hi all,

I will be teaching a resin inlay workshop at Metalwerx. For those of
you who would like some good soldering experience, and make some cool
jewelry with all kinds of color, this is a good way to spend three
days. The process is easy, so we will have plenty of time to go over
some pesky soldering problems and combine it with colorful resin

I have work up on Picasa with two of my resin inlay pieces and some

Resin Inlay with Karen Christians

Add color to your work! You can create textures, colors and patterns
without relying on high fired enamels. By employing epoxy resin, you
can add wood, bone, paint pigments and sand. Raid your kitchen
cabinet for spices like turmeric and oregano. We will fabricate
jewelry based on cloisonne techniques with sterling silver wire,
sheet and tubing. You will build a palette of amazing colors and
textures to build your pieces. Some soldering knowledge is helpful.