[Workshop] Raising Vessels with David Huang

I took a raising workshop taught by David Huang in April at the
Appalachian Center for Craft (ACC) I have raised dozens of vessels
over the last 5-6 years, but my technique is mostly self taught.
There are few raising classes given - other than in Fine Arts
programs - which is not option for those of us with day jobs. David’s
class, tools, techniques, and work are unique and worth learning. His
web site is unusually descriptive of these so I will not repeat the
details here, but encourage you to look at his web site.
davidhuang.org. David uses almost entirely home made stakes - as do
I, but mine are traditional in design. His are not and are far
simpler to make. Raising stakes cost hundreds of dollars EACH, so if
you want to do some raising and do not have access to a heavy duty
workshop like ACC, Penland, etc - check out the pictures of his
stakes that he has on his web site. His are made for tens of dollars
each and an hour or two of work. His use of gold leaf in his bowls is
also unique - and eye popping. Gold leaf can bring an otherwise
ordinary piece of work to life, and has made his extraordinary work

I would encourage any of you who are interested in raising or like
David’s work to take a workshop from him. It was fascinating and
might be a career changing event.