[Workshop] Raising Miniature Vessels for Jewelry

Dear Orchidians,

Here is an update on the classes and workshops offered at our

Classes: Registration is now open for the Summer 2006 session
beginning May 23. Classes include: Chasing and Repousse, Miniature
vessel raising, Rendering and stylizing designs for jewelry (see
descriptions below). Workshops: We have one spot available in the
June 8 -12 five-day intensive Chasing and Repousse workshop. For
more log on to

New Class: Raising Miniature Vessels for Jewelry, one of the most
popular classes offered by the studio. During this class participants
will use miniature stakes and specially formed tools to raise and
fabricate miniature gold and silver vessels, unusual beads and other
hollow objects for jewelry. Those with experience in chasing and
repousse will produce three-dimensional sculpture beads depicting
animal heads or human faces. Granulation or enamel can also be
applied to the vessels. View samples of miniature vessels at

New Class: Rendering and Stylizing Designs for Jewelry

This class will help you develop skills, critically important for
your successful career as a jeweler. You will learn to draw designs
suitable for use with the chasing and repousse techniques. You will
learn how to stylize and modify antique or medieval designs and
adapt them to the taste of the modern day customer. Previous
experience in drawing is helpful, but not required.

See you at the studio.

Valentin Yotkov
Valentin Yotkov Studio
Artisan Member of Society of American Silversmiths
68 Jay Street, Studio 501A
Brooklyn, New York, 11201