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[Workshop] PMC for the Silversmith

I just want to mention that I am scheduled to teach an introductory
silver clay class in the spectacularly lovely Door County, WI,
September 30- Oct 2. It will be at the Peninsula School or Art, a
really attractive facility. The class is called *Precious Metal Clay
for the Silversmith, *but no previous experience of any sort is
required. On the other hand, it will be a small class, so I can take
you on from wherever you are!

I need a couple more students, and I love going to Door County-- it
is one of my favorite places, a “resort” that is also a real
community with beautiful farms and lush countryside. So if you’ve
thought about going there, or about taking a silver clay class, or
about taking a class with me, sign up! It does need to be in the next
few days if you’re going to do it. Accommodations there are never
ridiculously expensive, and are even better in the fall.

See you there!
Noel Yovovich