Workshop planning

I’m in the process of setting up a small workshop in a metal pole
barn I have going up in the next couple of weeks. The workshop area
will be on the order of about 10’x16’. I’m planning to have a
cement floor poured if at all possible. There’s an additional space
of roughly 12x16 set aside for an office and all the “clean” work
(design etc.).

Any advice on layout of the different stations or a general floor
plan would be very helpful. It’s been almost 10 years since I was
last in a workshop and any ideas of my own on this subject have long
receded into dimmest memory.

I’ll have a small kiln, Rio Grande’s smallest vacuum
investing/casting table, a flex-shaft, otherwise typical equipment
for a small one person studio (buffer, pickle pot, etc.)

Thanks for any help. I have read several old threads on this
subject but still have only the dimmest idea for general layout.

I had a question answered several weeks ago about setting stones,
but couldn’t post a response thanking people (I sent a post but it
never appeared), so thanks to the people who responded to that.