Workshop openings

If anyone is interested, I’m planning to hold a jewelry knotting
workshop in the City of Brotherly Love, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania,
on Memorial Day. I’m also trying to find a location in or near
Richmond Virginia, as there are a couple of people in that area who
are interested in attending a workshop later in the week, during my
drive home.

Here’s the for the Philadelphia workshop:

I’ve got all week off from work, and I would be happy to stop pretty
much anywhere in between there and the Tampa Bay area to conduct
workshops for small groups, if there’s a place to do so and some
people willing to devote six hours to the venture. I’d prefer at
least three, and any more than ten would be total chaos, at any given

I’ve used classrooms, jewelry labs, studios, and living rooms, and
could probably manage a class pretty much anywhere that wouldn’t
subject us to bad weather or dangerous wildlife. :wink:


Loren, Just yesterday I received a wonderful comment on the bracelet
I made at your Tucson Workshop in February of this year. I have come
to love this bracelet, it is ever so comfortable to wear that one
morning last week I awakened to find it still on my arm! I had
forgotten to take it off the night before.

I recommend this workshop to anyone in Loren’s line of travel. You
will not regret it. Thanks, Teresa

I’ve had a great response to the upcoming workshop in Philadelphia,
and it doesn’t have any more openings, but in the process of getting
that done I ended up agreeing to do another workshop, on the
following Wednesday, the 28th of May, in Rockville, MD. There are
currently three or four openings remaining for that one. I’m looking
forward to seeing some old friends there, and meeting some new ones.

I’ve even been asked to do a demonstration or lecture for a school,
down near Florence SC, on my way home after that. Makes for a very
interesting vacation.



I’ve been trying to organize things for my trip out west, and making
steady progress, when I suddenly realized I was neglecting something
rather closer in time. I’ve still got several openings for a
workshop in Richmond Virginia, on the 16th of October (twelve days
away, as of this writing!) and for another very small one on the
19th, in southern Virginia somewhere.

The workshop is the same one I’ve given before, on making a bracelet
with two dimensional knots. I provide everything, the student is
expected to show up empty handed and leave with a silver bracelet and
the knowledge and ability to re-create it or similar items at will.

Next year I’ll be doing advanced projects, with three-dimensional
knotting techniques, but this is a good class to start learning to
control the wire while creating knotted jewelry of all sorts.

To get an idea of what is involved, check my website. The schedule
is listed under “Workshops/Events”, and there is a description of the
class and a link to pictures of the bracelet.