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[Workshop] [OK] Orion jewelry welder

If you live with-in driving distance of OKC and are interested in
micro welding, don’t miss the opportunity to participate in this
workshop. We encourage you to bring something from your store or shop
to repair.


If jewelry repairs are a services you offer your customers (and
potential customers), you need to put OJA’s Sunday, August 4th bench
workshop on your schedule - AND BRING YOUR BROKEN PROBLEM JEWELRY

This four hour session at the annual convention of the Oklahoma
Jewelers Associations, is a “Do Not Miss” workshop moderated by
welding consultant Jason Davis – “The Orion Jewelry Welder: A
Complete Welding Solution!”.

If you are not familiar with Orion Jewelry Welders, the company is a
micro welding specialist, dedicated to leading the industry with
high-tech and affordable welding solutions that are designed to meet
the needs of bench jewelers. They offer several versions of jewelry
welders and prices, but regardless of price, their stated mission is
to “Give jewelers a quality product and service at an investment that
is within the means of the average jeweler.”

This workshop is conveniently located at the Oklahoma City Marriott
Hotel, 3233 Northwest Expressway. Your $75 registration fee will
include breakfast, lunch and breaks.