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[Workshop] [OH] Scrimshaw

The Toledo Gem and Rockhound Club will be holding a Scrimshaw
workshop with Scrimshaw artist Don Baker.

The date is: November 14th, 9am - 1pm

The fee will be $25.00

We are locate in the Toledo Botanical Gardens in Toledo, Ohio.

This class is open to the public

The fee of $25 includes instructional time and a materials kit for
starting your scrimshaw journey. Additional kits or supplies may be
purchased at the end of the class from the artist. Did you know that
you do not HAVE to use Ivory if that is what is holding you back!
Come learn the tips and techniques of this disappearing art form and
incorporate it into your own unique jewelry.

PLEASE RSVP ME ASAP so that I can reserve your spot.

The workshop will be limited to eight participants. For further
contact Steve Shimatzki at [@Stephen_Shimatzki]