[Workshop] [NY] Foldforming Synclastic & Anticlastic Forming

Add Synclastic and Anticlastic Forming to Foldforming! There are 1
or 2 spaces left in the workshop I am teaching April 5 & 6 at the
Center for Metal Arts in Florida, NY (an hour or so north of New
York city) http://www.ganoksin.com/gnkurl/ep815y

Take foldforming to a new level by combining with synclastic and
anticlastic forming. Synclasting creates domed forms, such as
spheres. An example of an anticlastic form is a saddle. Cynthia Eid
co-authored the recently published book, Creative Metal Forming
which fully explores synclastic and anticlastic forming. Her work is
featured in Charles Lewton-Brain’s seminal book, Foldforming.

Combine forming techniques to create light, strong, complex,
three-dimensional jewelry, hollowware, and sculptures. For the sake
of time, students are encouraged to work small during the workshop.

Cynthia uses a combination of lecture, demo and hands-on practice
time in her workshops, and is known for encouraging spontaneity,
creativity and innovation. This workshop is appropriate for students
with basic fold forming experience.

Cynthia Eid