[Workshop] [New Mexico] Shell Forming

The Next Step in Hydraulic Die Forming for Jewelers

Shell Forming

When: 5 Day Class, August 24th to 28th
Where: Taos, New Mexico

Cost: $700.00 Tax, Materials Included, 4 student limit

Instructor: David B. Anderson/ Goldsmith

In this class you will:

Learn to put more volume and form into your work

[] Understand polyurethane and durometers
[] Push metal farther, faster, and more efficiently

This class is the Next Step in using the Bonny Doon hydraulic press
in the small scale jewelry making studio. This class is designed for
the student that wishes to take hydraulic press work and
understanding to the next more complicated level.

Learn about using the biggest hammer in the shop to get your metal
to move easily and quickly. Understand the safety issues and learn
how to care for your press and tooling. Design and create simple
silhouette dies to gain depth in your work and progress to creating
deep drawn shell forms. Get hands on experience designing and
producing your ideas. Learn to use the various types of urethane. We
will use steel silhouette dies as well as make acrylic dies to be
used in the form box. We will talk about the deep draw tooling and
how it can be used to quickly turn flat disks of metal into vessels,
seamless tubing for ring stock and boxes. Form boxes will be used to
contain the elastic properties of urethane and achieve maximum