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[Workshop] [NC] Wildacres Retreat

Florida Society of Goldsmiths presents Modern Masters at Wildacres
Retreat in N. Carolina

October 5 " 11, 2015. Each Class is 5 days and start with dinneron
the 5th. Seating is limited* for more details.

Animated Adornment: An Introduction to Kinetic Jewelry Design with
Kirk Lang

From rings to earrings, this workshop will explore the design,
development and construction of kinetic wearables. An emphasis will
be placed on the theory and mindset required to create movable parts
on a small scale. A wide range of riveting techniques will be covered
along with instruction on how to use micro taps, dies and more.
Although this is an introduction class, it is suitable for jewelry
artists of all skill levels.

Demonstrations and personal instruction will be provided, so if you
already have ideas in mind, please bring them with you. Students
should expect to leave class with 1-3 pieces of finished kinetic

Windows of Nature with Juan Carlos Caballero-Perez

This workshop will focus on the creation of jewelry and metal
structures that draw stylistic motifs from nature. Students will
collect and gather samples from nature and design and create paper
patterns using what we gather. Utilizing forming applications and
fabrication techniques for thin metal and wire, we will construct
small objects and structures for jewelry making. Traditional forging
techniques and the rolling mill will be used to create rapid forging
effects to complement the final composition as well. Also, students
will explore stone setting and various finishing techniques in the
creation of the work. All skill levels. A materials kit and lab fee
of $35 required prior to workshop.

Enameling Made Easy with Ricky Frank

You don’t need to be afraid of color! Discover you inner artist as
you play with the magical medium of enamel. We’ll begin exploring the
techniques and principles of cloisonn=C3© (using wires) and
basse-taille (transparent enamel over textured metal).Then we’ll
break all the rules and develop an intuitive, collage-like approach
to adding color. Experiment with layers of opaque, transparent, and
opalescent colors. Add gold, silver, and copper foils. Drill through
layers to create patterns and textures. Add beads, balls, and threads
of enamel color. Work as precise or loose as you like.

You will push your creative boundaries to new horizons as you
develop your own unique and personal color vocabulary. For students
of all levels. A materials kit and lab fee of $40 required prior to

Learn Torch Control and Fusing of Hollow Forms with Jenny Reeves

In this project based class students will learn to fuse a variety of
surfaces including: wire, granules, wire-to-sheet, sheet-to-sheet,
hollow forms, bezels, tubing and more as they create rings, earrings,
a bead, and a pendant featuring granulation and other surface
embellishments. These projects will help you to master torch control
and open design possibilities with fusing.

We will be working in class with 935 Silver because it is a
tarnish-resistant alloy of sterling silver that fuses readily, which
makes it easy to fabricate without solder and ideal for granulation.
Students are encouraged to bring stones for their projects and other
metals to combine with 935 Silver. The texturing principles taught in
this class using silver apply to high-karat yellow gold (18K +,) 950
palladium, copper, brass, bronze and more being used with the silver.
Each metal produces a slightly different texture and different colors
when patinated for a variety of cool “painterly” effects. You will
develop your skills in 935 Silver first as the texture requires a
fair amount of metal & the learning curve on gold can be expensive!
The ease of 935 Silver will have you singing its praises and might be
a game changer in your work. I will provide designs for all projects,
students will be able to modify/customize most if they choose. I will
bring loose faceted and cabochon gemstones for students to purchase
if they don’t bring their own. Students should be familiar with a
torch and soldering. A materials kit and lab fee of $135 required
prior to workshop.

Paint the Town Red Gold! with Chris Darway

This workshop is going to cover multiple uses of Aura 22 plus a
slightly different fusing technique and copper etching using super
pickle. Think liquid KeumBoo on copper, sterling, fine silver and
glass. It is fast, consistent, and liquid Aura 22 goes a long way.
Chris has developed a technique to fuse gold to copper using candle
soot. This produces a material which can be soldered on, formed,
rolled, etched and enameled.

If you are unfamiliar with Aura 22 it is part of Mitsubishi=E2=80’s
family of metal clay. This remarkable liquid (containing tiny
particles of 91.6% pure gold and 8.4% pure silver) requires only a
torch at relatively low temperatures to fuse to glass, or non-ferrous
metal and produces a 22K a gold alloy. There are several jewelry
projects we all will do in order to become comfortable with the
techniques. The fibula brooch shown with Aura22 on glass is just one
of the exciting projects we have planned. I encourage students with
beginning metal skills to sign up for the workshop.

These techniques are very forgiving but produce very professional

A materials kit and lab fee of $30 required prior to workshop.

Jean Marie DeSpiegler
Florida Society of Goldsmiths