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[Workshop] [NC] Blanking Dies and Pattern Development

Making Multiples - Blanking Dies and Pattern Development with Jayne

Workshop Date(s): May 18-19, 2013

Workshop Time: 10am - 5pm with an hour for lunch (both days)

Workshop Location: Anvil Studio & Gallery - 715A N Person St.
Raleigh, NC 27604.

Workshop Cost: $250 + $135 kit fee (kit fee is an estimate and will
be finalized at least 1 week prior to workshop) Workshop

Workshop Description: One-piece blanking dies allow you to easily cut
out precise duplicate shapes from silver, gold and other non-ferrous
sheet metals. Jayne Redman has been using this method for her own
production jewelry for 18 years and has developed ways of creating
dies and blanking multiples that dramatically speed up the
production process. In this workshop you will learn how to develop
patterns for this process and the method of sawing dies from flat
stock tool steel. You will be amazed at how quickly you can go from
original idea to duplicated shape as you make and use your own
blanking dies during class. Jayne will be demonstrating her own
inventive methods of forming, connecting, and engineering. Basic
metalsmithing skills such as sawing and filing are required.

This is a process oriented not project oriented workshop although if
you have a specific design in mind Jayne would be happy to work with
you to problem solve.

Supply List: Tool and material kit supplied by instructor for
estimated fee of $135: 18" x 4" x 1/32" tool steel sheet, Please
note: This tool steel is meant for cutting out 23 gauge or thinner
metal sheet.

Rotational bench pin
Magnetic Protractor

Tools and materials supplied by student:
One c-clamp to attach bench pin to bench
Saw blades, 3/0: at least 6 dozen per student.
Bur life.
Drill bits: #66
Center punch or 1.5mm ball bur
5" or 6" deep saw frame.
Flat hand file, #0 cut.

Some will be available at the class. If students wish to work in
silver, please bring 24 gauge or thinner.

Rubber cement or double stick tape.

Paper, including tracing paper and white printer/copier paper.
Drawing materials including rulers, pencils and erasers, compasses,
and dividers.

Your favorite hand tools

Instructor Biography: Visit Jayne’s website to read her biography
and see her most recent For questions regarding workshop logistics,
contact Monica Hunter (mhunter48 at nc. or Tonya Powell
(tonya at

For questions regarding workshop content or tools, contact please
feel free to contact Jayne at jayne at

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