[Workshop] Mokume Gane with Jim Binnion

Since our brilliant, generous Jim Binnion hasn’t announced this, I
decided I would. He will be teaching a mokume gane workshop at the
Mendocino Art Center this summer, June 20-24:

As most of you realize, this workshop will be way over my head (in
more ways than one) but other Orchidians might jump at the chance.
In addition to the attraction of the workshop itself, Mendocino is
one of the most beautiful places in the world. When you step outside
the jewelry studio, you can see the ocean. I know someone next door
to MAC who rents cottages, and I would be happy to advise people
regarding accommodations. If you can’t handle the workshop, maybe
you can just take your vacation at the same time and we can have an
Orchid Dinner!

There are, by the way, lots of other exciting workshops scheduled, so
check out the site.

Lisa Orlando
Aphrodite’s Ornaments

Lisa - and anyone who has an interest in what it takes to create

The very first workshop I took - even before taking any basic
fabrications classes was Jim’s mokume workshop. So this isn’t over
your head. Just be willing to use a very heavy hammer when it comes
time to do the forging!

This workshop is fantastic!


A good reference book to learn about the process of making Mokume’,
this may help many to prepare for such a course: Mokume Gane, A
Comprehensive Study, by Steve Midgett, ISBN 0-9651650-7-8 Published
in 2000.


Mokume Gane - A Comprehensive Study
By Steve Midgett

Price: $34.95

Media: Hardcover
Manufacturer: Earthshine Press
Release data: 2000

Hi Lisa,

Thanks for mentioning the workshop. I am teaching two workshops this
year. The one at Mendocino Art Center June 20-24 is a Mokume start to
finish workshop. The second one is at Metalwerx in Waltham, MA July
20-24 and is a Mokume patterning workshop where the focus is mostly
on the patterning process. If any one has questions about either one
please feel free to contact me.

Jim Binnion

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