[Workshop] Mixed-Metal Surface Development

Summer Jewelry & Metal Arts Classes at California College of the
Arts — Oakland campus

Please check http://www.cca.edu/academics/extended/metals.php for
complete course and registration procedures, or call
(510) 594-3710.

Mixed-Metal Surface Development
Instructor: Keith Lewis
Mon.Fri., 9 a.m.5 p.m., May 1519
5 sessions. $500 noncredit*; $40 lab fee payable at registration.

Special opportunity to work with a visiting artist from Washington
State. This hands-on workshop teaches students how to develop
complex and spontaneous surface effects using interactions of
textures, patinas, and mixed-metal patterns. Both precious and
nonprecious metals are combined using a variety of techniques,
including fusion, solder inlay and overlay, marriage-of-metals, and
production of roller textures. A number of patinas and forming
techniques appropriate to the surfaces are demonstrated. Participants
learn useful metallurgical and chemical concepts and are encouraged
to experiment. A materials list will be provided at registration.

Other course offerings this summer include week-long intensives with
Brigid O’Hanrahan and Kathleen Browne, as well as weekend workshops
in enameling, chain-making, and soldering gold and silver with iron.
Please call CCA office of Extended Education at 510.594.3710 for
more or to request a catalog.

*This course may also be taken for 1 credit (letter grade). Credit
tuition: $1,075, call #436

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