[Workshop][Michigan] emameling on formed metal

The Michigan Silversmith Guild is offerring a workshop with Barbara Minor
on enameling on formed metal
at Bowling Green University
Art Department
Enameling Studio
March 26, 27, 28
9:30 - 4:00 each day
fee $105 members; $130 non-members
deadline NOW

"Workshop is open to beginning to advanced students with or without
enameling experience."
"Application of enamel to formed metal surfaces will be addressed through
demonstrations, examples, discussions and hands on experience. Included
will be on emamel types, working properties and a varity of
enameling processes; forming methods suitable for enameling; applications
of enameling processes to formed metal; use of silver and gold foil on
formed surface; scraffito with opaque and transparent enamels. "
contact :
Buffy Thomas 734- 662-1559
Pam Thomford 419- 878-7936

Sorry there was no e mail address or web site to use.
Hope some one can use this info.
I signed up. Look for me, Nancy Garber, I’ll be the one paying close
attention and who doesn’t have a lot of experience.