[Workshop] Metal Clay at Revere

Revere Academy Offers Classes in Metal Clay
Summer 2007

“We are very pleased to add PMC to our curriculum, with an expert of
Lorene Davis’s caliber.” states Alan Revere, Director of the
Academy. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to learn from a
professional about this exciting material.

Registration is limited. Reserve your space today! Call 415-391-4179
or register online at

Metal Clay 1: Introduction New Elective
9 am - 5 pm on Sept 7

Metal Clay is an extraordinary new material for jewelry makers.
Essentially a suspension of microscopic fine silver (or gold)
particles in an organic binder, the material transforms from clay to
metal upon firing. Metal Clay’s ease of workability and firing, and
its capacity to pick up textures, make it unique. The material opens
up vast possibilities for makers, in many cases without equivalent.
Learn to create several key projects: a hollow bead, a syringe-drawn
charm and a double-sided silver pendant with dichroic glass. 7 hours

Metal Clay 2: Intermediate New Elective
9 am - 5 pm on Sept 8

Building on the skills covered in Metal Clay 1, you will learn to
manipulate silver metal clay with greater detail and precision and
create more complex projects. Students make a hollow-form amphora, a
torch-fired ring, and create a mold for production work.
Prerequisite: Metal Clay 1 or experience. 7 hours

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions!

Christine Dhein
Assistant Director