[Workshop] Mass finishing

Sweetman/Allen Studios
Presents Mass Finishing With Judy Hoch

Mass Finishing Class - Learn how the tumbling processes work to
finish your handmade jewelry. See the various types of equipment and
try them out. Learn how to design your work to take advantage of the
safe predictable advantages of mass finishing. We will cover
finishing cast and fabricated work in sterling, Argentium sterling,
karat gold, bi- me tal, mixed metals and PMC. We will learn about
using various patinas when tumbling jewelry. We will discuss how to
achieve flawless bright finishes and view examples. We will show how
tumbling is vastly superior to hand buffing in terms of health. We
will discuss the issues both real and perceived of work hardening
metal in tumblers. We will cover capital costs and recurring costs of
the equipment and media.

Bring examples of your work if you wish to have it evaluated for the
process. If you want to do sample runs - bring work without stones

Saturday, Sept 27, Lakewood, Colorado
cost $75.00

questions? call richard @ 720-231-2708 or email marie quinn
[mariefrancesquinn at yahoo dot com] to enroll