[Workshop] Marketing your art Workshop

For those in the Pacific NW there is a great opportunity to
participate in a workshop with Bruce Baker, on marketing and selling
your work.

April 8 & 9, 2006 Participate in a Bruce Baker* Workshop for Art &
Craft Show Artists, in Portland, Oregon.

“Creating Your Advantage” How to be a successful art & craft show
artist and sell more work.

Workshop includes: Booth Design ~ Marketing ~ Customer Service ~
Sales ~ Getting into Shows ~ Survival of the Studio Artist

*Bruce Baker is a nationally known craft marketing consultant and a
contributing editor for Crafts Report. He is a jeweler and gallery
owner and understands art show artists’ lives and needs. Visit his
website: www.bbakerinc.com

For more info and registration materials, email: Oregon Workshop
Coordinators, glass & jewelry artists, Dave & Carla Fox:
@Carla_Fox1 Space is limited. Sign up early!

For those who don’t know who Bruce Baker is… he’s an incredibly
dynamic speaker with tons & tons of great He never
tires in answering questions or offering his help.

I would encourage anyone who can take a workshop with him to do so.
Sadly, I’m on the other coast and can’t make it.

No relation. No kickbacks… just a humble Bruce devotee :smiley:

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