[Workshop] Marcia MacDonald in the NW

Narrative, Design and Technique with Marcia MacDonald
January 20-21, 2007
10:005:00, Saturday & Sunday
Location: Metals Studio @ Multnomah Art Center
Cost: $200
Contact: Allyson Cooper @ 503-469-9548

Marcia will show us the techniques she uses to tell stories with
jewelry including found objects and traditional jewelry materials.

  • Do you want to broaden your approach to your work?
  • Are you ready to bring some fresh ideas to your production line?
  • Would you like to develop new ideas to help your work grow?
  • Do you want to tell a story with your work but aren’t sure where
    to start?

In her workshop, you will learn how shifting gears and bringing new
ideas to your work can enhance your creative experience. You will be
able to make a piece that has your personal expression by
incorporating ideas that will enhance your production line or one of
a kind pieces. You will also see how non-traditional materials can be
used to help tell a story in your work.

Marcia MacDonald has been making her jewelry for nearly twenty years
and has shown her work in galleries all over the country and
overseas. Her work is known for it’s bold designs and narrative
content as well as craftsmanship and the use of challenging,
non-traditional materials. Marcia’s work has been in galleries,
craft shows and museums across the country and throughout the world.
Marcia MacDonald uses contrasting materials and images in her work to
show her fascination with what she calls "the dichotomies of life."
Her work is her attempt to see life from an objective standpoint and
tell the stories she perceives there. In her work you will find the
sublime and the ridiculous, various materials from eggshells to
rusted steel, from sterling silver to glass, gold leaf, wood and
painted tin. Each piece is a tiny masterpiece of narrative with a
unique story. Of her work, Marcia says simply, “I absolutely love
making stuff.”