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[Workshop] Make more money from your store

I’d like to take this opportunity to personally invite you and the
key members of your staff to join me. David Geller, Dave Richardson
and our special guest speaker Don Hoffman for a full one-day custom
designed workshop for jewelers who want to make and keep more money.

We conducted a workshop together last February. Here are a couple of
comments from the attendees.

“What I found to be most beneficial was the knowledge from the
speakers. Real life explanations/scenarios. Text material that can be
reviewed later. Meeting other individuals, store owners and hearing
about their experience regarding tools, time management, etc.” - Troy
Haney, Haney’s Family Jewelers, Queen Creek, AZ

“What I found to be most beneficial was making money from the shop,
looking closer at what we are spending on time and materials. Finding
ways to separate us from the competition. How to become the ‘Romance
Advisor.’ Buying from the public, lowering costs.” - Don Dransfield,
Dransfield Jewelers, Richmond, VA

The workshops are scheduled as follows:

Atlanta, GA Friday, August 10, 2007 (Right before the Atlanta Jewelry

Columbus, OH Friday, August 24, 2007 (Right before the Columbus
Jewelry Show)

Anaheim, CA Saturday, September 8, 2007 (Right before the West Coast
Jewelry Show)

Because they recognize that this holiday season will be the most
challenging and competitive ever, jewelers from around the country
are registering and many are traveling several hundred miles to

Here are a few of the critical topics we will be sharing:

Here’s what we will do for your store:

  • Help you get your staff trained for maximum selling dollars. If
    they close 3 people out of 10 that they wait on and you can increase
    that to closing 4 out of 10, that’s a 33% increase in sales without
    spending any additional advertising budget.

  • Get the staff to increase the size of the sale plus closing ratio
    and sales can increase by 50%. Find out how.

  • Learn the outstanding benefits of building Liquid Asset Inventory
    and Zero Cost Inventory.

  • Make more money from your shop. While competitors open up selling
    bridal 60 feet deep, most jewelers forget that 70% of all customers
    come into your store because of service. Let us show you how to make
    60% profit margins from the shop.

  • Identify 20 verbal and nonverbal buying signals customers give over
    and over again that you and your staff may not recognize.

  • Custom Design Baby Boomers have lots of old stuff in their drawers
    (Can you say a billion pieces?) Redesigning is BIG money.

  • 5 ways to increase your bridal engagement business in ways you
    never imagined.

  • Learn how to close more transactions with selling customers than
    ever before, without EVER making an offer!

  • Inventory is the #1 killer of jewelry stores. And it isn’t just not
    selling it; it’s having too much. Discover the secrets to knowing how
    much to stock and at what price points.

  • Learn the 5 selling customer types and how to effectively engage

  • Know what could add profits to your bottom line quickly and easily
    and make selling far easier than before? Buying a lot for what you
    buy now at 30% to 60% below your current prices. Quality goods. Find
    out how.

  • A killer 5-point Strategic Sales Plan guaranteed to help you meet
    and exceed even the most ambitious sales targets.

  • How to really answer the customer who says: “I can buy it cheaper
    on the internet” and convince him to make the purchase from YOU.

We invite you and your staff members to spend a day with David Geller
and Dave Richardson and bring your store up to the next level, make
more money, and make life easier for you… like you dreamed about
when you started this “little” store of yours.

To register or learn more about this workshop, go to

If you have any questions call me at 800-338-5831.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Good selling,
David Geller