[Workshop] [Maine] Inventive findings

Please join me for this very informative (and fun) workshop at Jayne
Redman Studio in Westbrook, Maine!

Inventive Findings: Methods of Making Tools and Jigs for Multiples
September 21 - 22

One of the most enjoyable aspects of designing my jewelry is
combining form and function, creating unusual findings and assembly
processes. I will demonstrate my original engineering concepts and
teach you how to apply them to your own work. This workshop will
focus on time saving ways of forming, measuring, cutting, and
connecting sheet and wire, all with specialized tools and jigs you
will engineer specifically for your designs.

Among the topics covered will be:

  • Creating wire hardened specifically for ear wire designs.
  • Creating measuring jigs to accurately measure and bend wire in
    circular form, and measure and cut wire coils and links.
  • Creating jigs to make custom French ear wires and links.
  • Altering pliers to; form perfect loops of precise diameters; make
    tapered crimps in tubing; make precise bends in wire.
  • Using thermal reactive plastic to quickly and easily make custom
    jigs in any shape desired.
  • Using heat shielding positioning clay to hold pieces correctly for
    perfect soldering.

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Jayne Redman