[Workshop] [MA] Metal Clay Locket Pendant and Chain

Hang It All; Making a Metal Clay Locket Pendant and Chain.

Hello All,

There’s still time to enroll in my weeklong upcoming class, 16-22
August, at Snow Farm; The New England Craft Program before
enrollment closes (a few spaces left). The class: Hang It All;
Making a Metal Clay Locket Pendant and Chain.

While creating an original pendant locket, chain, and clasp,
students will explore a range of metal clay techniques (granulation,
die-forming and more) using PMC3, and some traditional
jewelry-making techniques (riveting, soldering, patination, and
optional stone setting) using milled sterling silver. Demonstrations
and exercises will focus on metal clay and jewelry fabrication, with
an emphasis on individual design.

To find the class and/or enroll go to and click on “Studio
Workshops” then pull down my name; or click on “Full Calendar” and
scroll down to August and click on my name. Either way will get you
to my class.

You can also contact Snow Farm via e-mail: info@snowfarm-art.org

See you there,
Linda Kaye-Moses

OK Hanuman and All,

That announcement of my class at Snow Farm was missing two crucial
links for finding our about my class on the Snow Farm website. the
URL for Snow Farm and Snow Farm’s email address. So here they are,
along with the announcement again.

Please forgive if the fault was mine.