[Workshop] [MA] Gold Damascene on Ti and Steel

All the talk about titanium connections has me excited about May 25
and 25, when Brian Meek will be teaching Gold Damascene at
Metalwerx, in Waltham, MA. (Since it is at Metalwerx, I’ll be there
as assistant.) This two-day workshop focuses on producing karat gold
foils used in damascene work and Keum-boo, as well as how to apply
the gold to a titanium baseplate through Korean-style damascening.
The “damascened titanium” can then be used as earrings, pendants, or
bezel set into other precious metal jewelry.

The damascening process can be applied to different metals as a
base: titanium, iron, stainless steel, or any other hard metal as a
way to attach high-karat gold to materials that were previously
impossible. The techniques required to make the damascene cutting
chisels will also make superb chasing punches, so that will be
demonstrated as well.

Oh, man, that looks great! Sure wish I could come.

For what it’s worth-- it seems to me that workshops are frequently
announced too late for an out-of-towner to manage to arrange to be
there (I fear I let this happen with my own workshop this weekend in

I encourage people putting on workshops to post them absolutely as
early as possible!

And, Brian, please let me know where else I might learn this
technique from you, whenever that might be.


Hi Noel,

It’s not something I teach all that often. It’s a technique I enjoy,
but not something I get much of a chance to teach. Normally, I’m up
to my eyeballs arguing with the machines at KC. (12,000 pounds of
opinionated computer. oh joy…)

(A Korean machine, run by a Japanese computer, designed by Germans.
Shockingly, it’s a bit persnickety and opinionated. Everything must
be precisely just so.)

If you ever swing through the bay area, drop me a line. Alternately,
I can be persuaded to make housecalls. And my rates are quite

You’re up.? Minneapolis? way these days? I’d come up there. (In


Hi Noel

I’m sorry you can’t join us! I don’t know where else Brian will be
teaching this year, but we certainly hope to be able to have him
back in the future. If you (or anyone) would like to be added to our
monthly email newsletter list that includes interviews and tips from
instructors as well as the class schedule, please let me know.

We announced this workshop in January and have highlighted it on our
Ganoksin Blog as well as through SNAG’s Springboard. It seems that
many forums have rules of etiquette, and we are careful not to step
on anyone’s toes. Ganoksin is such a great forum to share
and I’ve learned a lot over the years. I wonder if it’s
possible, and if there is enough interest, if it would be worth
having a shared online calendar where we could post workshops,
events, and other opportunities in one easy-to-find location…
Sorry for the extra work Hanuman - no pressure!!! :slight_smile:

Lindsay Minihan
Executive Director, Metalwerx, Inc