[Workshop] Linda Kaye-Moses' Workshops

Linda Kaye-Moses, will be teaching the following workshops early in
2009. Kaye-Moses has been working with precious metals since 1976,
teaching metal clay since 1996 and is a certified metal clay artisan
through the PMC Guild.

Double-Textured Domed Pendant Using Fine Silver Precious Metal Clay
Location: Whole Lotta Whimsy
Dates: February 7-8, 2009

Description of Workshop Content: In this two-day workshop you
will make a Double-Textured Domed Pendant using PMC3. Each side
of the pendant will be embellished with a different texture; each
texture achieved using a different method. After the pendant has
been fired, each side will be individually enameled using
vitreous enamels.

For the first texture, a Silicone Printing Plate, you will learn
to hand carve a printing block. To create the second texture, you
will make a Micro-folded Metal Printing Plate.

For the Silicone Printing Plate you will select a design,
transfer it to a printing block, and then carve the block using
linoleum carvers. You will learn to use the Bonny Doon
Micro-folding Brake (a corrugating tool) to make the Micro-folded
Metal Printing Plate, and the resulting corrugations will then be
altered to produce unique patterns.

The enameling process for the pendant will be an adapation of
champleve enameling. For that process enamels are laid on an
etched metal surface, but for this project, rather than etching
the surface, you will create the patterned surfaces with the
above-mentioned textures. The enamels will be wet-laid onto the
surfaces of the fired and burnished Domed Pendant.

The only limit to bringing this pendant into material form is
your imagination and the only prerequisite is enthusiasm. Website
Link: http://www.wholelottawhimsy.com/wo/p/context/edu/Classes

A Fine Silver Fused Loop-in-Loop Chain
Location: Whole Lotta Whimsy
Dates: February 10, 2009

In this one-day workshop, you will learn to fuse fine silver wire
links that will then be joined to create a simple Loop-in-Loop
Chain. This is a very ancient process that can be adapted for
contemporary pendants and neckpieces and that looks delicate, but
is strong and durable. Website Link:

Chasing the Rainbow; Color on Precious Metal Clay
Dates: April 17-19, 2009

We will explore the use of metal clay and color. Using Fine
Silver Precious Metal Clay (PMC3) we will make wearable objects
(pendants, beads or earrings), both hollow and solid with both
subtle and deep textures. Allowing the silver to shine through,
we will add color to these objects with vitreous enamels.

Experience in jewelrymaking or enameling is not required for
this class, where the only limit is your imagination and the only
prerequisite is enthusiasm. Beginners will receive the personal
attention that will help them work with the PMC, though some
experience with Precious Metal Clay will be helpful.

Metal clay techniques will be presented through a series of
simple projects and exercises designed to help bring your
personal concept into a material form. Website Link: