[Workshop] Knotting

Somehow, even though I started late and barely organized anything,
it seems that I will be going to Seattle and conducting workshops on
the weekend of May 14/15.

Two workshops, one on Saturday for bracelets (Prolong Knot), the
other on both Saturday and Sunday (incorporating the first one as a
launching point for th second, actually) and involving Turk’s Head
rings. As is my usual practice, students are expected to show up
empty-handed and will leave with silver bracelets and/or rings
they’ve made, plus hardware and knowledge.

There are a few openings left, especially in the Saturday bracelet
workshop, where I can handle up to ten students, six of whom (or at
any rate, some six students) will be able to learn how to tie
Turk’s-head rings by the end of the day, Sunday.

If anyone is interested, they can learn more on my website. Look
for the “Workshops/Shows” link, where there will be a link to the
signup form.

I usually drive to workshops, but if flying to this one works out
well, I could be doing more this way.