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[Workshop] Knotted Wire Jewelry

I’m making preparations for a trip across the country, all the way
to Seattle and back, from my home in Florida. There are a lot of
stops already planned, and some of the workshops are full, but I
still have a lot of openings, and I’m still trying to figure out what
to do on the way back. Here’s the list so far:

March 21-22 – Workshops in Campbell, MO
March 23-25 – MidSouthCon Science Fiction convention
March 26-27 – Workshops in Little Rock, AR.
March 28-29 – Workshops in Dallas/Ft Worth.
March 30 - April 1 – Craft Guild workshops in Dallas/Ft Worth
April 5-6 – Workshops in Tucson, AZ.
April 7 – Workshops in Yuma, AZ. (still up in the air)
April 10 – IGKT-PAB meeting in San Pedro
April 11-15 – Workshops in Van Nuys
April 16-17 – Workshops in Castro Valley, CA.
April 18-19 – Workshops in Folsom, CA.
April 21-22 – Workshops in Woodinville, WA.
April 24-25 – Workshops on Lopez Island, WA.
May ?? – possible workshops in Denver, CO.

There’s a fairly wide gap between my most distant stop and the only
one currently in planning for the trip back – it looks like I’ll be
going through Boise and Salt Lake City before I make it to Denver,
and it would be great if I could find hosts in those places. I don’t
have anything else planned after Denver, either, but if I still have
workshop supplies left over at that point I would be more than happy
to stop in more places on my way back to Florida. (I could probably
get more shipped to me if I ran low, anyway.)

For more or to sign up, see this page:

For those interested in hosting a workshop (which gets you free

I’m teaching my usual workshops, for two dimensional knots and three
dimensional knots, of course, but for returning students I have some
special advanced work, to challenge their skills.


Some new some changed This is the latest
listing of my stops during my trip out to the northwest and back.
I’ll be leaving Florida around the 18th of March, and returning by
May 15th.

There are openings for students in all classes except where
indicated. I still have some time for more workshops in a few of the
gaps, most particularly in the interval between the Lopez Island, WA
workshops and the ones in Denver, CO, and during the trip back from
Colorado to Florida.

Registration page, as always:

For those who have inquired about the status of wedding ring orders
while I’m on the road, I can tell you that I’ll be making lots of
rings along the way, and it won’t be any problem at all to fill your
orders! Heck, why not sign up for the ring workshop and you can make
your own wedding rings, right there.

Speaking of which, I’m seriously considering offering that as a
option for couples, to plan and create each others’ rings out of 18K
gold during a small workshop session – just the thing for a truly
significant ring to place on your dear one’s finger. Special
arrangements to be made in advance, in order to allow me to stock up
on the more valuable materials required. I welcome questions,
suggestions, cries of “You’ve gotta be out of your mind!”, or
anything else that occurs to you on this subject, because I’m still
trying to make my mind up.


If you like the knotted jewelry that I make, please consider
attending one of my workshops during my summer tour, starting in
mid-July, from Florida to the northwest and back. Students usually
complete one finished piece of jewelry for each workshop session
attended, either a silver bracelet or a silver ring, and wear it

I’ll be stopping in the following places, generally in the order

Kansas City - Tulsa OK, Denver CO - Lopez Island WA - Seattle WA -
Grants Pass, OR - Kirtland, NM

Some dates are fixed, because I’ll be attending three conventions
along the way, participating in their art shows and doing
demonstrations of my work. Note that this is not a complete listing
of my route, just of the stops that I have scheduled so far.

The actual dates are listed on my schedule page:

and on my sign-up page, here:

I’ll try to keep them up to date, and add in more workshop stops as
they are arranged. Since I will be driving from location to location,
interim stops may be possible, depending on distance and timing.


The Metal Arts Society of Silicon Valley is hosting me for a two-day
workshop on February 21-22.

Day one will be devoted to the creation of knots in two dimensions,
primarily a Prolong Knot or Ocean Plat, tied in silver wire, formed
into a cuff-style bracelet. There will be demonstrations of linked
knots used as chains, and discussion of design issues.

On the second day we will work in three dimensions, creating a
Turk’s-head ring, also tied in silver wire. Demonstration of
alternate patterns, linking into chains, and working with
dramatically smaller and larger knots will be pursued as time

MAASV website:

My travel schedule (with some other stops along the way) will be
published on my website, with contact and registration
links, here:


Whaley Studios will host long time Orchid Member, and friend Loren
Damewood, Valentine’s Weekend. Loren will teach Workshops on at least
Saturday the 14th, and sunday the 15th. He will be in the area and
available on February 13th as well, depending on demand.

With a view on current economics, we are working on structuring the
Workshops so attending all days will not be mandatory, and out of
reach, believe me, I know all about that.

I have taken Loren’s Workshops in Tucson some years ago, and here at
my home as well. I value the Bracelet and Ring I made and wear them

So, to all Southern California area Orchidians, watch for and registration, coming soon.

Happy New Year to all,