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[Workshop] Jewelry from Knots

Looking for potential workshop hosts and students in the
southeastern USA.

While my plans for later in the year seem to be going pretty well,
I’ve had some problems setting up workshops for the summer, due to
scheduling conflicts and funding issues. My current plans include
traveling from Florida to Kansas City, Missouri, by way of St.
Louis, arriving by the weekend of July 14th, and thence to Tulsa,
Oklahoma, on the following weekend. It would be great if I could find
a host for workshops in Kansas City, any day from Saturday through
Monday the 16th, and I’d also be happy to conduct workshops anywhere
from Tulsa on back to Florida.

No lower limit on class size as long as it’s fairly close to a
reasonable driving route for me, and as long as there is time enough
before I have to be somewhere else. I can leave earlier, and arrive
home later, up to a point, to accommodate more stops, but I need to
plan them fairly soon, and make sure I have enough materials with

Workshop details:

Please check my sign-up page – I’ll be updating it for additional
stops, but I’ve added an entry for just getting onto the list, with
a general location, to be fine-tuned later. If you want to take a
workshop but can’t host, perhaps you know someone who can. I don’t
need fancy equipment, just students and space.