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[Workshop ] Jay Whaley's Rolling Mill Workshop Redux

Today was a very interesting day, beginning to end. Jay Whaley had a
Rolling Mill Workshop scheduled, and we decided to try broadcasting
it live. Not having a clue just how it would go, I sent a message to
a few friends including the link to view it, and the ability to offer
suggestions online live.

My son Gregg was the man behind the camera, I was at the computer,
and Jay was sharing his knowledge with a a wonderful group of
students. Their experience level was from zero to intermediate. We
had students from Los Angeles, and the inland Desert area, as well
as locals.

Being the mother hen that I am, during the day, I observed, and
queried the students as they passed my area. Each and every one of
them were enthusiastic, and felt they were learning quite a bit.

Some of the live broadcast can be seen archived on

After the Workshop ended, Gregg suggested that I have a chat with
Jay. He taped that, and we plan to upload it to Orchid, hopefully
this weekend. I did copy a link for a quick look see.

I am not the computer expert, and rely on Gregg to handle that end
of it. All in all, it was a very good day. The onair broadcast worked
reasonably well, there will be more to follow.