[Workshop] [Italy] 3day Eyeglass Workshop

Occhiali in Florence, an eyeglass workshop for jewellers May 1, 2, 3,
2012, Fuji Studios, Via Guelfa, Florence, Italy. Jewellery-making
fabrication methods will be applied to experimentation, design and
construction of original eyeglass frames that may be fitted with
prescription lenses, that conform to the expectations of the
optician, and that are comfortable to wear. A student kit of optical
parts (lens blanks, hinges etc) will be available. Start making
eyeglasses with practical help and many tips and tricks from an
experienced eyeglass maker.

Tutor: Brian Adam, New Zealand. Brian has made over 400 frames, and
has taught eyeglass workshops from Alberta to Washington DC, from
San Francisco to South Australia. His eyewear graces public and
private collection such as the Auckland Museum and L.A.Eyeworks.
Nowadays he makes custom frames that are durable, functional, and
comfortable. Contact: Kenneth Peter Scott (Florence), Brian Adam

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For those without the desire to go to facebook you may contact me
via my site Brian Adam - New Zealand - jewellery and custom eyeglasses for more detailed

Brian Adam
New Zealand