[Workshop] Introduction to Etching

I’m teaching an introductory etching class at the Mendocino Art
Center in Mendocino, California on April 8-9. There are still some
spaces available in the class. The fee for the two-day class is $175,
plus a $40 kit fee that covers all the supplies you will need,
including sample pieces of sterling silver.

Thes class will introduce you to the basic techniques for etching
designs onto red brass, copper, nickel and sterling silver. We’ll
experiment with PnP paper, rubber cement, permanent markers,
permanent ink stamping pads, and a variety of other resists to create
textures, patterns, and images on metal. Etched plates may also be
used to texture metal using the rolling mill that will be available
in class. Students will have the opportunity to make a number of
pieces of jewelry, such as pendants, earrings, and bracelets. There
will be a $40 materials fee. No previous jewelry experience is
necessary, although some fabrication experience would be helpful in
finishing the etched pieces to make wearable jewelry.

Introduction to Etching with Mona Clee
Mendocino Art Center, April 8-9

(707) 937-5818