[Workshop] Intermediate Hand Engraving

If you are interested - there will be an intensiveIntermediate Hand
Engravingworkshop for 3 days - Mar. 5 - 7th.

Cost is $500 for three 8 hour days, plus optional hours after dinner
each evening to practice. $200 deposit.

All necessary tools & equipment are furnished - kits, materials, and
graver blanks available separately. Lists are available if you wish
to furnish your own tools or materials.

You have a choice of any one of 6 techniques that you may want to
add to your current skills. Inlay into steel, overlay onto steel
(Damascene), inverted engraving, background removal, lettering, or

It is also possible to request a technique, and we do have one
person interested in learning to do lettering filled with torch fired
glass enameling. (This is Old English lettering engraved into silver
or gold and then filled with vitreous enamel - as you see on Hawaiian
heirloom bracelets)

Brian Marshall