[Workshop] Hand-crafted Knot Jewelry

In our lifetime, it is wonderful to meet a Master Craftsman, via
Orchid, and the power of the Internet, I have met a few, and feel so
enriched for it.

Years ago, the early 80’s via the early Home Computers, I came
across Loren Damewood. That is a name one does not easily forget.
Segue forward to more recent years, I once again came across the
name, and reaffirmed the friendship.

Orchid Dinners in Tucson brought Loren into our midst and dinner
table. Loren was never without a string, and sat there during the
chat and get to know one another, that he enlightened us with one
after another knot, and collaboration of knots in string. Always had
the table going. Well knots have been tied in string for ages, into
Wire, well, that is another thing.

One year Loren showed up wearing a vest of Knotted Fine Silver,
amazing! The next year he had added sleeves, even more amazing.
Loren with his quixotic sense of humor, even added a Find Silver
Knotted Handkerchief.

Loren is the most dedicated to precision person I have ever met, and
I had a German mother. Loren prefers to pull his own wire, just so
he is sure it is the correct gauge down to the mini-millimeter, now
that is pulling thousands of yards of wire per year.

This is all a preamble to call your attention to the varying
geographical areas of the Country, where Loren will visit and give
Workshops, If you are not on his list, look at his route. If you are
within driving distance, and can interest a few others, believe me,
it is well worth it.

I took my first Loren Damewood Workshop in tucson at Sam Patania’s.
To this day, I wear that bracelet with pride, and it never fails to
get comments, each and every time. That was about 3 years ago.

Last couple of years, Loren has given a workshop in my home, and I
made my Ring, which gets as much attention as the bracelet!

Loren will again be in San Diego this year following his Tucson
trip. He is scheduled to give Workshops at Whaley Studios in San
Diego, on February 14 & 15. with a possible add on on February 13,
teaching Earrings. I encourage anyone in the area to consider taking
Loren’s Workshop. They will be on Whaley Workshops hopefully in the
next couple of days. Registration is open, and an email to me
will ensure a place. Feb. 13 One
day is $75.00, Feb. 14 & 15, two day is $175. inclusive.

Thanks and Hugs,'
Jay Whaley’s Studio Assistant

Today, was the last of three days of workshops given by Loren
Damewood at Whaley Studios. I know of Loren’s fantastic ability of
making Wire sing. Several years ago I took a Bracelet making
Workshop, given by Loren, at Sam Patania’s in Tucson. I wore that
bracelet with great pleasure over the years.

Lately, with intent of promoting the Workshops at Whaley Studios, I
started wearing both my bracelet and ring, on a daily basis. Well it
also got cold here, and I needed to wear fleece and jackets. The
bracelet slipped over my fleece top, and was wrested loose by my
purse straps, and I lost it.

Yesterday, I made another one, and I feel relieved. I had been
listening to Loren’s students as they made first earrings, then the
bracelet, and today, the ring. To say “the ring” does not really
describe what actually happened.

Loren provides everything, the fine silver wire, the templates, and
tutorials. There was enough wire to complete 3 rings, as several of
the students did. Several making Valentine’s gifts for their spouse.

Loren will next be in Northern California, his route may be found on
his Golden Knots web site. Check it out, and if you find yourself
along his path, contact Loren directly, and set up a Workshop, you
will be very happy that you did.

Both Jay whaley and I thank Loren for his willingness to present his
Workshops at Whaley Studios.

Yes I am doubly biased.
Terrie, Whaley Studios shop Assistant