[Workshop] Gold carving and piercing


We have a upcoming workshop I wanted to let everyone know about.
Jacob Snow from Maine is going to be teaching gold carving and
piercing. Jacob is one of the finest craftsman I have had the
pleasure to know. His work is exquisite and flawless in its

Class is 5 days, September 18-22.

This five day workshop is designed to hone your piercing technique
and learn the basics of hand carving with gravers. You will learn to
prepare gravers properly, layout, scribe, pierce and then carve the
design into a finished piece. Workshop fee ($50.00) will include
metal (Sterling) and a set of gravers that you will shape and then
take home with you. Upon registration we will provide you with a list
of common hand tools you will need to bring. Jacob is one of the best
stonesetters in the country, (he set Michael Good’s triple loop
bracelet, square diamonds in a piece that flexes and none of the
stones come out). He will talk about stone setting science and
practices, but advanced stone setting is another course. This course
will be primarily about carving gold and using gravers to enhance
your work. To see examples of his work just google Jacob Snow, or
check out his website http://www.jacobsnowdesigns.com. To see
examples of another artist that uses basically the same technique but
has a very different design asthetic, google Tom Herman or go to
http://www.sevenfingers.com. These two goldsmiths are among the best
jewelers in the country and exhibit two visions of the same
technique. This class is not for beginners, you need to have a basic
working knowledge of metalsmithing techniques. Questions, call (719)
539-2971 or email info@scavezzegoldsmith.com

Course cost is $425.00 for 5 days
Materials fee is $50.00