[Workshop] Gem Setting in Florida

Dear All on Orchid

I will be in St. Pete’s FLA on October 12-13-14. if anyone wishes to
write to me about some later workshop in this area of Florida please
let me know. I will make contact with you when I’ll be in town and
try and set up a three-day training session at a later date. At that
time, I will have ‘more’ stone setting notes prepared. As you know I
have recently sent out over 50 packets of techniques and I have
assembled 20 pages MORE…:>) I just never rest, right?.Any mail can
be sent to these email addresses @Gerald or
gerrylewy18@hotmail.com . This is not an advertising request, it’s
just that I want to help you all in this area of FLORIDA.

To all of my Jewish friends everywhere, I want to wish you all a
Happy New Year and a safe Fasting day this coming Monday, its called
Yom Kippur.

To you all, a L’Shonah Tova .:>) Gerry Lewy!