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Workshop flooring

I use the torch outside in a shaded, tiled area. The workbench is
just a covered chimney flue, so it’s easily moved but has little
workspace. I like that the setup is inflammable and gases are outside
the house.

The downside is that things get broken. Sooner or later, every tool
will get knocked over or dropped, and hit the tiles.

At one time I considered using ceramic-tipped tweezers for
soldering, on the theory that they would be less of a heat sink than
steel tweezers. But they cost $56 and wouldn’t last long around the
tile floor. That brings up two questions: (1) What are
ceramic-tipped tweezers good for? (2) Is there any flooring that is
both inflammable and resilient? (3) How strong a fan (in cfm) is
needed for using a torch indoors?

Janet (whose dream house includes an in-line ventilation system,16417,197774,00.html