[Workshop] Fabricating with Argentium Sterling

Hi, I am teaching a workshop about Fabricating with Argentium
Sterling Silver at Metalwerx, May 6 & 7. I have been working with
this alloy for 6 years. The more I work with it, the more I love it!
Lately, I have been exploring fusing it—you can do nice neat
little joints, and you can also do fun welded-sculpture-like wire
structures. Argentium Sterling has wonderful working qualities,
including: being malleable and ductile, highly tarnish resistant,
hardenable in a kitchen oven, fusable and weldable, and, best of
all… no firescale. You can read the article I wrote for SNAG News
on my web site. Metalwerx is a wonderful school; the website is
www.metalwerx.com. We will make a number of quick pieces, to get
comfortable with annealing, soldering, and fusing Argentium Sterling

It is always a treat to meet fellow Orchidians---- so I thought I’d
post a note about this workshop.

Cynthia Eid