[Workshop] Eyewear Making by Brian Adam

Hello people,

I’m teaching eyewear making at the Series Summer School at Red Deer
College, Alberta Canada this year. “Eclectic Eyewear”, 7 - 11 July
2008 Learn to make eyeglasses and make a spectacle.

We’ll cover frame-building techniques and the optical rules involved
in designing functional and comfortable prescription eyeglasses.

There’s an aspect of eye and face adornment that can be attacked
creatively by almost anyone with enthusiasm armed with some vital
clues. You may be as experimental and risky as you like. You might
also make up some working prototypes, or a component library of
parts, to be further developed back in your studio incorporating your
own jewellery ideas, processes and materials.

Or you may make a fabulous one-off 3D-sketchg that blows away all my
fancy rules.

As jewellery artists already you may quite easily apply your capable
skills to making eyewear by first overcoming any concerns you may
have about the optical rules. I’ll demystify that whole area and give
some really useful guidelines to encourage you to go for it.

The course covers:

  • Historical and contemporary eyewear overview.
  • Frames - designing for lenses, eyewire channel and monofilament
  • Lenses - shaping, edging, grooving, drilling, tapping, colouring.
  • Soldering with precision.
  • Optical bits ans pieces.

Bring a mirror to prop up in front of you on the workbench.

Red Deer College course no 841: http://tinyurl.com/3slegu

You may email me directly if you want to ask me anything about it.