[Workshop] Die Forming & Enameling

Hello everybody:

I have received a lot of wonderful ideas and responses to my die
forming class search.

I will be checking up on all of Lee Marshalls workshops and
figure out which location would be easiest for me to get to.

I would like to share some I received about a Die
Forming and Enameling workshop I heard about at Arrowmont. The
workshop will be August 9-13

Susan Kingsley will be the instructor leading the workshop Die

along with another woman who be teaching enameling. Her first
name is Carol. I feel awful that I can not remember her last
name. She was the person kind enough to forward the information
to me.

You can check out their site at http://www.arrowmont.org/ . The
spring schedule of

classes is listed but not the summer’s. I would love to hear
feedback from the rest of you about Arrowmont.

On a side note, I really look forward to all the input and
feedback I get from Orchid. It is nice to have an outside support
system for my work.


I have attended classes at Arrowmont several times and I loved
every minute of it. The staff is always excellent and the
studios are well stocked and spacious. The food is good too.
They have a fine library. The grounds and ambience is great.
You just have to stay away from the town. While the schedule for
summer has not come out yet, sometimes the class I
want runs two weeks and that is too long for me. Frances